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US Tour Stops in Texas

iceberg from attended Taj's show in Texas at The Lava Cantina this past June. Read what he had to say. I think one of the best things that can happen to me at any given show is I put my camera down for a bit. Sometimes you have to do that and simply enjoy the moment. The good ones are rare and have a magic about them that doesn’t come along every day. And last night? Well, that was a great moment to be sure. Last night, Taj Farrant out of Australia came through Texas and turned the heat up.

Thanks dude.

Taj has been touring America this summer with his parents and hitting some incredible venues. Lava Cantina in The Colony is certainly a top venue in Dallas for any artist. VIP tables sold out the day tickets went on sale – oh yea; people were waiting for this show.

Myself included.

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1 коментар

16 серп. 2022 р.

The crowd at the Lava Cantina the night you played there was on fire!!

You had everyone feeling every single song you played!

I will never forget how your music got that place rocking!

Your talent was on tap that night, Taj.

I saw two more of your concerts after that one on that tour……..and your star just kept shining brighter with each one! 🌟

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