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'Crossroads' was released on 21 July 2023 and it is already making waves! Entered in at #29 on the overall charts and entered in at #1 on both the Australian and US Blues Singles Charts. Huge achievement for Taj as an independent artist.


'Crossroads' was not only composed and performed by Taj, but he also played ALL instruments you hear on the single, including an organ.

Written on a bus while on tour in the US back in March '23, 'Crossroads' came to Taj's mind as they approached a crossroads.

This made Taj think of Robert Johnson's song, 'Crossroads' and wanted to pay homage to the late great.

Who is Taj Farrant?


Genre: Rock, Blues

Taj Farrant may be young, but his natural musical ability surpasses his age.

This down to earth Aussie kid is more than passionate about playing guitar and is clearly a natural born rocker through and through. 

Taj is fortunate to have a very supportive family, helping guide and encourage his passion, with freedom and balance to enjoy playing and perfect his techniques while still enjoying kid stuff too. Taj has already picked up some huge endorsements world wide.

As a guitarist Taj has that truly genuine ‘feel’ when he plays, with technique and soul well beyond his years. With Taj’s online presence growing fast and being featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Australia's Got Talent, Taj has also been blessed to share the stage with some world class artist such as Carlos Santana, Rob Thomas, Orianthi and many more, strap in and hold on … this is Taj Farrant!



Artist Management:

T & J Entertainers

Brandin & Cassandra Farrant

+1 323 970 7482 / +1 323 970 7472

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