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#1 Blues Single in the US & AU

'Crossroads' was released just a few days ago on 21 July 2023 and it is already making waves! Entered in at #29 on the overall charts and entered in at #1 on both the Australian and US Blues Singles Charts. Huge achievement for Taj as an independent artist. 'Crossroads' was not only composed and performed by Taj, but he also played ALL instruments you hear on the single, including an organ.

Written on a bus while on tour in the US back in March '23, 'Crossroads' came to Taj's mind as they approached a crossroads. This made Taj think of Robert Johnson's song, 'Crossroads' and wanted to pay homage to the late great. In a few minutes he came up with a riff and lyrics. It was during his 1st show in Ohio that he asked the fans there for their thoughts on this new song as he stood on stage by himself, looping a melody over his riff. It was a crowd favourite straight away! He went on to perform a looped version of 'Crossroads' at each of the remaining venues during the tour of March/April '23. Albeit a rough version, it was the base recipe of the final recording. Recorded at Damien Gerard Studios in Gosford NSW Australia, Taj laid down all the tracks himself, vocals, guitars, bass, drums and even an organ.

"Taj is one of the most talented guitarists and creatives that we have had the pleasure of working with at Damien Gerard Studios. “Crossroads” is an original Taj Farrant song with plenty of tasty blues licks and funky accompanying bass lines. We are all very excited for everyone to hear the final product!" ~ Damien Gerard Studios

Now with the final recording in his hands it was time to film the music video. Taj knew exactly what he wanted:

  • Black/White

  • Dirt Road

  • Old Train Tracks

  • Old Train Carriage

  • Real Flames

All that was found in a country town called Armidale (NSW Australia).

'Crossroads' is now available for download and streaming on most digital platforms via this link. If you want to hear it played on the radio, ring your local station and put in a request.

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