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My Secret is Out!

Taj gets asked alot "Oh my God Taj how do you emotion like that?" His secret is all laid out on a little shelf of things. Aptly named "Emotion Stuff". There he has a range of pedals, and not your ordinary run of the mill Tube Screamer and such. The first pedal off the rank is his "Emotion BD" where "BD" stands for Blues Drive. Taj says this one makes him sound very good but it doesn't make him make the "faces". Next is his "Emotion Tuner", this pedal is designed to make one sound perfect even when you hit the wrong notes and chords. "I use that sometimes" he says. 3rd off the rank he picks up his "Emotion Driver" this one sounds like a goody! It is packed with options such as making faces, good guitar playing and sometimes dancing. His go to "Emotion Pedal" how ever seems to be the "MEGA Emotion OD". This pedal "is the best of them all". Let's break it down: • it gives you the wiggles

• the dancing things

• it gives you the jump

• gives you the Michael Jackson

• makes you do ALL the faces

• makes you sound AMAZING

You can watch his full review on his entire range of "Emotion Pedals" by clicking the video below.

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1 Comment

Maryanne Leger
Maryanne Leger
Oct 11, 2022

Been following you since the beginning you were 9. Most of my friends are musician. We might be old enough to be your grandparents but we really appreciate your music!! Keep Rockin!!!

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